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Le carré de lumière

Ganges well-being massage, Body treatments
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Massages Well-being massages (1)

A moment of relaxation and letting go for yourself in order to unwind deep tensions .... The modeling or " well-being massage " at Ganges is a bowl air in a pretty bubble to reclaim your body. You will have a new skin, find toned skin, an epidermis drained of its water, its fatty deposits, its cellulite. The Cévennes modeling for a refined silhouette and better circulation of energies for your well-being and to give the best of yourself to those around you. Thanks for trusting me. ZINA, your qualified esthetician .

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Scrubs and wraps

Ganges scrubs are based on plant pouches, Epsom salts, coffee, to purify, eliminate toxins, tighten pores and obtain firmer, softer skin and a more complexion. glowing. Regenerated skin, free of dead cells that hinder breathing, less scaly, it supports a more even tan and the best anti-wrinkle weapon. A purifying scrub improves the effectiveness of moisturizers and reduces the risk of fungal infection of the skin. The body wrap with Ganges is done with classic Rhassoul. The hair is rehydrated and purified thanks to a Rhassoul specific to 14 plants.

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Old fashioned baths

Without going back to Cleopatra and the Roman baths, the old-style baths are renowned for their remineralizing properties, the skin becomes firmer and toned. It repairs itself gently with a great feeling of purity. Baths stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the abdominal and pelvic region, drain the body, provide relief during moons. Their effect is invigorating and energizing. Cold baths are recommended in case of hemorrhoids or against-indication to hot water. The old-fashioned baths offered by Le Carré de Lumière in Ganges , door of the Cévennes , use Epsom salts, plant bags, Rhassouls ... to allow you to benefit from both these benefits and a real moment of relaxation for total well-being .

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For everyone's well-being

I do not use essential oils during body care at Ganges because their dosage is precise and deserves to have been trained in this. It is necessary to have a medical opinion for those who wish a modeling and follow a chemo treatment. In the event of inflammation, dermatosis, recent burns or fractures, varicose veins, phlebitis, osteoporosis, spondylitis, etc. It is advisable to take r.d.v. after recovery.

Children are also welcome to enjoy well-being massages at Ganges .

For your birthday: 20% reduction on the price of the 1h30 massage.

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Le Carré de Lumière - Well-being Cévennes

The benefits of a massage in Ganges

Aesthetic benefits

The massages , well-being massages , baths performed at Ganges tone the skin and make it more supple and smoother after having purified it of its toxins, scales and dead cells. Your complexion will only be more radiant, your tan more even and hair growth will slow down.

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Better blood and lymphatic circulation

The body care , the products used and judiciously chosen as well as the techniques implemented at the Carré des lumière in Ganges Porte des Cévennes , acquired during the training and experience of a qualified esthetician , provide drainage both better blood circulation which will improve energy and muscle tone , brain power.

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Benefits for your health

A good suitability of the products to body care provided in our institute in Ganges strengthen your body in the face of multiple attacks from our environment: infections, inflammations, fatigue, inflammation. In addition to the immune effects, there are the antioxidant effects of coffee, the anti-pain effects of Epsom salts, cleansing and purifying of Rhassouls body or hair or those of baths which provide relief during the moons.

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