The Beautiful gift idea

For the Holidays the Deep Massage of 1 hour at 55 Euros, instead of 70 Euros,
Valentine's Day / Mother's Day / Women's Day / Christmas
Appointment taken 15 days before

Le Carré de Lumière

For your happiness at Ganges

Le Carré de Lumière - Ganges well-being massage - Salon for Ladies

For your happiness

The Le Carré de Lumière institute in Ganges , porte des Cévennes is doing everything for your happiness your well-being and the fullness of relaxation :

- Personalized body and hair care.
- Natural products with multiple beneficial virtues for the skin and hair.
- A framework specially designed for relaxation.
- Vibrant and soothing music conducive to relaxation.
- A natural drink (tea, herbal tea, infusion) offered at the end of the treatment.