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For the Holidays the Deep Massage of 1 hour at 55 Euros, instead of 70 Euros,
Valentine's Day / Mother's Day / Women's Day / Christmas
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Le Carré de Lumière

Le Carré de Lumière - Massage Ganges

Cévennes natural wellness products


Rhassoul is a natural volcanic clay collected only in Mount Atlas, in Morocco, in places protected from any pollution. 100% natural and organic, it contains many minerals (sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium) and provitamins. So many components with beneficial properties for skin and hair. Rhassoul, like a blotter, cleanses and purifies the skin by absorbing impurities, micro-organisms, excess sebum, dead cells. After rinsing it leaves skin soft and healthy. This treatment, a traditional Berber beauty ritual, is practiced during scrubs and wraps at Ganges . In Arabic, Rhassoul means "to clean", "to purify". For the hair, a Rhassoul specific to 14 plants is used at the " Le Carré de Lumière " institute in Ganges , at the Cévennes . It strengthens the hair fiber, cleanses the scalp and gives volume to your hair. Real treatment recommended for frizzy, frizzy, brittle hair, weakened by mushrooms and also for androgynous alopecia or psoriasis.


Lavender is already used by the Greeks and Egyptians for its calming, antiseptic and healing properties. Chamomile relieves rheumatism, osteoarthritis, anxiety, sleep, pain during moons. Sage improves circulation, drives out stress and muscle pain, a woman's plant par excellence, it regulates cycles and calms their pain. well-being massages by Ganges use the virtues of aromatic plant pouches on muscle tension, stress and nervousness, blood and lymphatic circulation, and the immune system. .. to bring deep relaxation to your body and mind.


Used since antiquity, Epsom salt is a mineral naturally rich in magnesium and suffers ideal for exfoliating and soothing care of irritated skin but also to help relieve pain, inflammation, stiffness and muscle or joint tension. Body treatments by well-being massages , massages , baths , scrubs with Ganges using Epsom salts provide the skin with their richness in magnesium and sulfur. They help hydrate the skin and give it more elasticity. Their relaxing action makes it easier to fall asleep by reducing stress.


Coffee is well known for its antioxidant, anti-aging and anti cellulite. Due to its fat burning effect, it is ideal against cellulite, orange peel skin and stretch marks. (it is also a very good fertilizer and soil think about your plants!).


Only pure natural oils from Africa for body care in Ganges . Choice of: argan oil, avocado oil, almond oil, aloe vera, shea butter ... depending on availability.
I do not use essential oils because their dosage is precise and deserves to have been trained in this.


At the end of your treatment, an herbal tea or a plant infusion will be offered to you in order to prolong and consolidate your relaxation before leaving Le Carré de Lumière in Ganges . Hibiscus flower, quince flower, and others ... depending on availability and also depending on your mood.

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